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September/October 2018

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May/June 2014

  • Judging Canada’s top amateur chefs
  • Hockey goes underground in Montreal
  • A brief history of pumps
  • Sizing electronic expansion valves
  • Reining in water usage
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March/April 2014

  • Darryl Sittler: A class act, on and off the ice
  • VFD-driven compressors
  • UV and coil maintenance
  • Wet venting vs. Circuit venting
  • Letting BTUs flow in hydronics systems
  • EXvalves: Enhancing energy efficiencies
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January/February 2014

  • Arlene Dickinson: Promoting an entrepreneurial economy
  • Know your backflow
  • Getting flexible with ductwork
  • The mystery of the banging valves
  • Space saving in service vehicles
  • Securing and placing PEX
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November/December 2013

  • Jody Mitic: A model of perseverance
  • The plight of pipes
  • Taming short cycles
  • Making infrared fit
  • A pump curve mystery
  • Changing rules on combo systems
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September/October 2013

  • Off the cuff with Colin Mochrie
  • Lead-free uncertainty
  • HVAC: Sizing up F280
  • Zoning in on comfort
  • Combatting cross connections
  • Refrigeration: A leak monitoring look-see
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July/August 2013

  • Discovering science with Dan Riskin
  • Piping for national security
  • Harmonics in HVAC
  • Panel: The future of hydronics
  • Refrigerant acid removal
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May June 2013

  • Canadian IndyCar star James Hinchcliffe on high performance
  • Solar thermal: Banking on ice
  • Pumps: Finding the BEP
  • Pushing Geo efficiency higher
  • Reclaimed water storage & use
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March April 2013

  • Don Plett: The plumber’s politician
  • Heat pumps: Advances in air-source technology
  • A hands-off approach to kitchen faucets
  • Versus: Delta T or Delta P?
  • Refrigeration: Testing for leaks
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January/February 2013

  • On the Hunt with Scott McGillivray, Paul Lafrance and Bryan Baeumler
  • Upselling the Kitchen & Bath
  • Serious about series piping
  • Emergency HVAC replacements
  • Drain Cleaning: A tool for every clog
  • Thermally activated slabs hit Toronto
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