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January/February 2019

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March April 2013

  • Don Plett: The plumber’s politician
  • Heat pumps: Advances in air-source technology
  • A hands-off approach to kitchen faucets
  • Versus: Delta T or Delta P?
  • Refrigeration: Testing for leaks
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January/February 2013

  • On the Hunt with Scott McGillivray, Paul Lafrance and Bryan Baeumler
  • Upselling the Kitchen & Bath
  • Serious about series piping
  • Emergency HVAC replacements
  • Drain Cleaning: A tool for every clog
  • Thermally activated slabs hit Toronto
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November/December 2012

  • Brett Wilson: Finding balance
  • Pipes: Sizing them right
  • Pumps: The heart of the system
  • Ducts: Tackling leakage from within
  • Refrigerants: What to use, and where
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September/October 2012

  • Down and dirty with Mike Rowe: Perpetual apprentice and host of Dirty Jobs
  • Servicing Steam Boilers
  • Bathroom Style: Dress Up Private Spaces
  • Boiler Control Regulations Revised
  • Thermostat Swap-out
  • Retailer Targets Mechanical Efficiency
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July/August 2012

  • At the Olympics with Catriona Le May Doan Swapping skates for a microphone
  • Keeping cool in the attic
  • Cheating by the sink
  • Making the most of controls
  • System design: Manifold destiny
  • Heat pumps for retrofits
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May/June 2012

  • The forecast with David Philips, Canada’s Weather Guru
  • The Cooling Report: Predictable as the weather?
  • Chillers going CFC-free
  • Urinals go water-free
  • Sustain: Conserving resources in the mechanical trades
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March/April 2012

  • Live at CMX/CIPHEX Paul Henderson The hero of ’72
  • Planning the Perfect Purge
  • Compressor Challenge: Loaded vs. Unloaded
  • Staying Safe, In Hot Water
  • Energized Work & The HVAC Tech
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January/February 2012

  • Real Estate Realities with HGTV’s Scott McGillivray
  • Controlling Humidity: A year-round task
  • Acronym Hunter: Defining Efficiency
  • Industrial Refrigeration: The challenge of oil
  • Plumbing Tech: Finding you leaks
  • Pump Practice: To affinity and beyond
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November/December 2011

  • CFL Legend Michael Pinball Clemons Giving Back, On and Off the Field
  • Geoexchange at the lake
  • Refrigerating with glycol
  • Moving forward with backflow technology
  • Letting fuel-burning appliances breathe
  • Flow rates: What’s the over/under?
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