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On the track, with Robert Wickens

By Adam Freill

He soots, he scores?

For most Canadian kids, playing ice hockey is a rite of passage, but a young Wickens found
go-karting the fall before he was going to play his first year of Timbit hockey. ”My parents asked me if karting was what I really wanted to do, saying that if I wanted to do that,… Continue Reading

Plumbing: Tackling tankless

By Jason Fleming

With a long history of use in Europe and Asia, tankless water heaters have been making significant inroads in North America over the past several years. As more and more plumbers are installing this technology, the need for proper installation guidelines is becoming greater than ever.… Continue Reading

The right tools can make all the difference

By Mark Parliamnet

If you are not installing air conditioning units, you’re maintaining these machines, which
means ensuring that you have the right tools for the tasks you’ll be performing for your customers.

Thankfully, tool choices are plentiful for our sector, but there are a number of ”must-have”… Continue Reading

Beyond the plate, with Buck Martinez

By Adam Freill

Before he picked up a microphone to become part of the Blue Jays broadcasting crew, catcher Buck Martinez owned a double play that’s not only part of Blue Jays lore; it is still cited as one of the most spectacular plays in baseball history.

It all went down in July of 1985. The Jays were on… Continue Reading

The year of the heat pump?

By Adam Freill

Now that Mother Nature has (hopefully) put away her winter wear, consumers, both commercial and residential, will be thinking about the cooling side of their HVAC matrix.

The latest crop of products continues to march forward on peak efficiency levels, and are offering more connectivity… Continue Reading