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Dave and Kortney Wilson: Making it in Music City

By Adam Freill

There are countless contractors out there moonlighting as musicians and dreaming about a life in the limelight. It may come as no surprise that there are far fewer musicians who have dreamt of trading in their guitars and microphones for hard hats and work boots, but that’s what happened… Continue Reading

Hotel Monville takes to the water for energy savings

By Denise Deveau

When your goal is to create a ”new generation” hotel it’s not just about the décor and high-tech bells and whistles. For the recently opened Hotel Monville in Montreal, innovation was something that was considered from the ground up – including the HVAC systems for the 20-storey… Continue Reading

Fixtures & Finish can say it all

By Denise Deveau

The kitchen is seen as an entertainment hub and the community space within the home, whereas the bath has become a bit of a space to escape to so that we can
relax and recharge. And while both rooms serve very different purposes, design, layout and functionality of each are equally important… Continue Reading

On the track, with Robert Wickens

By Adam Freill

He soots, he scores?

For most Canadian kids, playing ice hockey is a rite of passage, but a young Wickens found
go-karting the fall before he was going to play his first year of Timbit hockey. ”My parents asked me if karting was what I really wanted to do, saying that if I wanted to do that,… Continue Reading

Plumbing: Tackling tankless

By Jason Fleming

With a long history of use in Europe and Asia, tankless water heaters have been making significant inroads in North America over the past several years. As more and more plumbers are installing this technology, the need for proper installation guidelines is becoming greater than ever.… Continue Reading