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What’s Fuelling Cooling?

By Greg Dalgetty

There’s never a dull moment when it comes to the cooling market. Rising energy prices and new government regulations leave the industry in a constant state of change. Homeowners and business owners want lower utility bills, and governments have made energy efficiency a priority.… Continue Reading

Peter Mansbridge: Catching More than Flights at the Airport

By Adam Freill

Ask Peter Mansbridge where some of his best work starts and he might chuckle and say, "At an airport." The chief correspondent for CBC News and anchor of The National was discovered by a CBC radio station manager while making an announcement over the public address system in the… Continue Reading

Hand Hygiene in Healthcare Settings

By Jason Boyd

According to the U.S.-based Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about one in 25 hospital patients acquires at least one healthcare-associated infection (HAI) every day.

The Public Health Agency of Canada maintains that simple handwashing continues to be the most effective… Continue Reading

On a Downhill Ride

By Adam Freill

Luc Despatie wants to see others go downhill, fast, and he’s good with that.

Despatie’s firm, HVAC Rentals, is the ice equipment provider for all North American stops of the Red Bull Crashed Ice tour – that’s the ice cross downhill skating competition that takes a blend of skiing… Continue Reading

Back to School, with Gerry Dee

By Greg Dalgetty

Gerry Dee knows a thing or two about teaching—and even more about how not to teach. The Toronto native and star of CBC Television’s Mr. D spent 10 years at the front of a classroom before he left to pursue a career in comedy. He even wrote a book—Teaching: It’s Harder Than It Looks—in… Continue Reading