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Legionnaires’ disease: Controlling the hazard

Legionnaires’ disease – Not everyone who is exposed to the legionella bacteria will develop legionnaires’ disease, but every case of legionnaires’ disease is the result of exposure to the bacteria, and in almost every recorded case of legionnaires’ disease, the illness has resulted… Continue Reading

Tankless Water Heaters: In Search of Endless Hot Water

Tankless Water Heaters – Homeowners love hot water. Want proof? Call them right after their nice hot shower has run cold and you’ll be sure to get an earful. Hence the plethora of sales pitches making the promise of endless hot water.Unfortunately, the wrong- sizing of units and improper… Continue Reading

Mike Rowe: Live, without a net

By Adam Freill

Asking Mike Rowe to describe his occupation is an interesting task. As the host of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Network and Discovery Canada, he’s tried his hand at more than 300 careers, and boy have his hands gotten dirty. “I’m an apprentice, a perpetual apprentice, and Dirty Jobs… Continue Reading

HVAC – Rethinking duct design practices

HVAC – With recent changes to the CSA F280 Standard – Determining the Required Capacity of Residential Space Heating and Cooling Appliances, we are going to see the use of smaller furnaces and air conditioners in homes, and the rethinking of appliance sizing should also lead to a rethink… Continue Reading

The benefits of recovering water

By Chris Thomson

Reusing water is good for the environment and reduces the burden on municipal infrastructure. Reduction in fresh water demand and the load on municipal treatment systems are important benefits. For the property owner, benefits may include a financial payback achieved through the… Continue Reading