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Plumbing Until the Cows Come Home

By Adam Freill

Dairy barns use a lot of water. From providing the livestock the hydration they need, to cleaning the milking machines and calf feeders, to flushing dirt and waste, the water demand is considerable. When Nurseland Farms, in Ontario’s Prince Edward County, was looking to build a new… Continue Reading

Golden Moments, with Jon Montgomery

By Adam Freill

Skyrocketing to stardom thanks to an epic victory walk through Whistler Village after taking skeleton gold at the 2010 Winter Olympics, Jon Montgomery has gone on to share golden moments with Canadians throughout the world, and it’s a task that he loves.

Canada’s unofficial ambassador,… Continue Reading

Sprinklers in tight quarters

By Jonathan Lee

Bonneville’s Habitant Loggia, a multi-level pre-fabricated condo located in Saint-Lambert, Que., presented Michael Vadnais one of the more unique jobs of his career. Tasked with installing the dry fire suppression system on the building’s balconies, little did he know the… Continue Reading

10 Tips for Pro Drivers

By Lewis Smith

Operating a vehicle requires a high degree of attentiveness, patience and skill. Professionals who drive commercial vans and trucks are among the most skillful on the road. It’s in no small part thanks to the first two traits – attentiveness and patience.

Over the course of a career,… Continue Reading