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Ontario chicken farm has the warm and fuzzies

By Trish Holder

Hugh Haverkamp has 35 days to take a barn full of baby chicks from a weight of less than two ounces to five pounds. That not only takes a lot of chicken feed, it takes a lot of heat, especially when you raise more than 500,000 chickens a year.

As a chicken farmer in Listowel, Ont., Haverkamp… Continue Reading

Installation innovations making plumbers’ lives easier

By Denise Deveau

When it comes to bath and kitchen fixtures, manufacturers are bringing plenty of new ideas to the plumbing picture. In some cases, these advancements can cut the time it takes to install a faucet or shower in half or more.

While everyone likes to talk about the latest and greatest ideas,… Continue Reading

Mike Holmes, Jr. on the Future of the Trades

By Greg Dalgetty

He may be the son of the most famous tradesperson in Canada, but Mike Holmes, Jr. hadn’t planned on following in his father’s footsteps.

"It’s funny—I never intended to get into the trades," he says. "I think that was mostly because my dad was in the trades and I wanted… Continue Reading

A Tiny Home That’s Simply Radiant

By Bob "Hot Rod" Rohr

I have a hard time sitting still for more than 60 minutes. I’m in my sweet spot when I am building or fixing things, or just generally tinkering.

Certainly, my day job as a trainer for a hydronics and plumbing product manufacturer fulfills my need to be "on the move."… Continue Reading

IAQ and Pets

By Gord Cooke

I have often written about the importance of proper ventilation for the health and safety of occupants – namely, people. But what about our other loved ones – our pets?

When I was a kid, our beloved black Lab, Rocky, lived in a smelly and dusty dwelling called a doghouse. He came indoors… Continue Reading