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Thermal Imaging: The Sixth Sense of System Diagnostics

By Adam Freill

At one point in time, being a good troubleshooter meant having a finely tuned set of senses, and using them as soon as you entered a jobsite. The ability to hear a bearing grind or to smell an overheated motor could save countless hours trying to pinpoint the reason why heat wasn’t getting… Continue Reading

Hitting the Ice, with NHL Ice Man Mike Craig

By Adam Freill

Perhaps it was growing up watching his dad create the ice for the Oilers dynasty of the ’80s, or maybe he was just like most other Canadian kids his age, but as a boy growing up in Alberta, Mike Craig dreamed of making it big on an NHL rink.

As the NHL’s senior manager of facility operations,… Continue Reading

A Cadillac System

By Greg Dalgetty

Patrick Driscoll knows a thing or two about finding unique HVAC solutions for large custom homes, and one of his latest projects in Sturgeon County, Alta., merges comfort and efficiency beautifully.

"It’s a two-storey, 4,000 square-foot house, with about 1,800 square feet… Continue Reading

Venting Your Van

By Denise Deveau

If you’re a contractor who relies on such materials as refrigerants, propane, chlorine or acetylene to get the job done, there are two things you have to consider when up fitting your van: venting and proper cylinder storage.

Keeping Fumes Contained

In an ideal world, dangerous or… Continue Reading

Let’s Talk, with Howie Mandel

By Adam Freill

When American Standard launched its ActiClean self-cleaning toilet earlier this year, the company linked up with much-loved germophobe and practical joker Howie Mandel.

Mandel, who grew up in the Toronto suburb of Willowdale, accidentally found himself in the position of being an… Continue Reading